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Welcome to Wisechain

Wisechain Trading Group include three focused fasteners and building hardware companies: Wisechain Trading Ltd (Hong Kong) which was established in 1988, Shanghai Wisechain Fasteners Ltd which was established in 1998, Del Metal Components Corp which was established in 1997. We focus on the following five business sectors: -Industrial Fasteners -Fixing Fasteners -Furniture Hardware -Builders Hardware -OEM & Drawing Based Products We have our own packing factory and supply multiple styles of retail packing: PP box packing, Blister pack, Clamshell pack, Sealed bag pack, Zip lock bag pack, Paper box pack, Head card pack to big box retailers. Our company value are the following: •Passion to serve our customers •Customer satisfaction is our top priority •Honesty •Professionalism •Efficient in communication •Reliable quality •Competitive pricing •On time delivery We have established good relationship with professional customers in North America, South America, Europe and South Africa. ...




Contact: Catherine Kim

Tel: +86-18116157519

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Email: info@wisechainfasteners.com.cn

Address: Room701A, Building 13, No.1515 Gumei Road, Caohejing, Xuhui District, 200233, Shanghai, China

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